Aberscot Services is committed to providing and maintaining high standards in the way we conduct our business.  Our primary consideration is the safety of everyone involved with our operations.  We also place considerable emphasis on fulfilling our responsibilities towards the environment and on the way we interact with employees and local communities.

The way in which we require our people and businesses to operate is defined in Aberscot Services Key Corporate Values, which in summary, stipulate that all employees at all times will act ethically and with integrity, treat their colleagues with respect, work safely and protect the environment.  The Key Corporate Values statement is reinforced by more detailed policies on health & safety, the environment and other relevant topics

The Environment

The lowering of the amount of waste being disposed of in landfill is an important aspect of caring for our environment.  Aberscot recognises its responsibility to contribute to the conservation of resources and we fulfil this responsibility by innovating and developing recycling services to enable our customers to divert their waste from landfill and improve environmental performance.

Health and Safety

At Aberscot, we believe that the Health & Safety of our employees and others who may be affected by our business dealings is a matter of key importance. We are committed to providing a working environment where we strive to eliminate, or suitably control, risks to tolerable levels. This will be achieved by using risk assessment, and ensuring safe systems of work. The provision of a safe place of work and continuous improvements in our health and safety performance are essential requirements for delivering our business strategy.

Aberscot plays a major role in promoting improved safety performance within the recycling and waste management sector, via its emplyee membership of IOSH. The aims of Aberscot is to identify Health & Safety problem areas within the industry, and produce/provide guidance to enable other to tackle these problems.


We aim to create a working environment that will attract, retain and motivate good people, and enable them to fulfil their potential.  Aberscot ensures that there are appropriate structures, procedures and resources in place to implement the employee-related aspects of its Key Corporate Values, which include:

  • providing fair opportunities for employment to all;
  • treating everyone with dignity and respect;
  • not tolerating any form of harassment or discrimination;
  • ensuring advancement is based on merit; and
  • providing appropriate training and development opportunities.

Aberscot is committed to applying equal opportunities in all recruitment and employment practices. It is also committed to the needs for all staff to progress internally within the business.

Aberscot communicate and consult with its employees through internal newsletters, intranet and regular briefing meetings. Training and development programmes are carried out by Aberscot to meet specific needs for raising operational performance and career development.

The individual training needs of employees are met through a variety of schemes including management development programmes, which in some cases involve

external accreditation and support for study for external vocational and professional qualifications.