Welcome to Bona Fide Costa S.L.

We are Real Estate Company in La Cala. Our main aim is to provide you with a quality service, to enable you to make the correct decision, which ensures the happiness of yourself and of your family. When you decide to purchase a property, we will ensure that there are no problems or surprises (charges on real estate, hidden defects).

We will take care of the bureaucracy and the legal work involved ensuring that you will not regret the decision that you have made. BONA FIDE COSTA, S.L. has been working in La Cala for over 18 years and the company has a unique objective; to sell lifestyle and a quality of life. Offering an integral service based on the principals that define our name, our honesty and our transparency. We will advise you in such a way and provides you with all the information that you will need to enable you to make your final decision.

In conclusion, trust in Bona Fide Costa when you buy your property, we only have selected properties exempt from any risk. In conclusion Trust in Bona Fide Costa when you rent your property, we only offer properties belonging to our own company, this is the only way that we can ensure professionalism.

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Bona Fide Costa S.L.
Address: C/Cártama, No 25 – 29649 La Cala de Mijas, Malaga (Espana)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, From 09:00 to 15:00

Office Phone: 0034 952 58 77 04
Fax: 0034 952 49 20 00
e-mail: info@bonafidecosta.es

Or Contact Daniel Mariscal Gamez (La Cala)

Mob: 0034 636 461 171
Email: bonafide@bonafidecosta.es
Or email bonafidecosta@gmail.com

Or Contact Cecil Burnett (Aberdeen)

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